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Focus on the Human Factor

Our world is undergoing fundamental change, and new technologies are advancing rapidly. Growth areas such as AI, sustainable energy, the Internet of Things and digital health are at the dawn of their development and carry enormous potential. The decisive factor here is the people who identify potential markets, and seize todays opportunities. We believe that passionate founders who integrate the human and environmental dimensions into their business build the strongest companies. Arviq Capital Partners invests in these people.

We invest in visionary, passionate founders


“Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.”

– Simon Sinek, Start with Why


“Great teams need enabling conditions: compelling direction, supportive context, strong structure and a shared mindset.”

– Haas / Mortensen, Harvard Business Review


„Great organizations inspire the three most powerful, direct motives for work: play, purpose, and potential.“

– Doshi / McGregor, Primed to Perform


Benedict Rodenstock

Benedict is a venture investor since 2006. Prior to that, he worked for Hubert Burda Media, WEB.DE and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and helped companies build new businesses. Benedict holds an MBA, a degree in history and studied Internet technologies in New York. Benedict’s investments include international success stories such as Mister Spex, Dreamlines, Amorelie and InterNations.

“Through technological innovations, entrepreneurs create growth and pave our way into the future. There are many talented, excellently educated people. But in addition to talent, support through capital, experience and networks are usually needed to build up a business. This is where we come in. Only by working together can we shape our digital future in Europe.”

Manuel Sprödhuber

Manuel is Venture Investment Manager since 2014. During his dual studies in business administration, he started his career at a medical technology company in the area of marketing and sales. He helped build the start-up over five years. Manuel knows first-hand the challenges that founding teams face. As an investment manager, he worked with companies such as Building Radar, Asana Rebel and reINVENT.

“Economic values are created by people. Looking at people is more important to me than looking at technologies or markets. For me, leadership, balance of interests, long-term thinking and fairness are the keys to success. That’s what I look for when I look at companies. When working together with founding teams, I focus on empathy and the exchange of different perspectives.”

Armin J. Lang

Armin brings over 30 years of international management and investment experience in traditional and alternative asset classes. After a graduate degree in business administration he worked for almost 10 years as a portfolio manager in Boston, was head of institutional asset management for Pioneer Investments in Europe and CEO of a German Venture Capital company. Since 2008, Armin has been focusing entirely on investing and entrepreneurship.

“Always bet on the jockey, never on the horse. Many people have good ideas, but only a few succeed in building a successful company. A great founding team with a reasonable idea is stronger than an average team with a great idea. Business plans, markets and technologies change. A person’s passion, intrinsic motivation and attitude usually persist.”

Lukas Henseleit

Lukas is working in the field of Venture Capital since 2012 with a focus on marketing and communication. As a consultant and project manager he has worked among others for startups, corporations, investment companies and public clients. Lukas has studied international business administration. He regularly writes case studies and analyses on startups, private equity, and new technologies.

“People around the world are facing major challenges. We have the chance to solve them through technology, creativity and cooperation. Some are seizing this opportunity and breaking new ground to innovate and make our lives better. With Arviq, we set out to support these people on their journey and help them build their businesses.”

Beate Heinzmann

Beate has been part of our team as Office Manager since 2012. She knows the VC industry inside out and has accompanied several founding teams from the seed round to the exit. Previously, she worked for a management consultancy and a communications agency. Beate is our central person of contact. As the backbone of our administration, she supports the team in all matters and provides for smooth processes.

Getting to know founding teams and their ideas is always exciting, as is supporting the development of their companies. Of course, this includes when things don’t go as planned. I always particularly enjoy it when an investment allows us to make a sustainable contribution to the success of a start-up.

Arviq, the Bowhead Whale

Arviq is the Inuit name for the bowhead whale. The whale, up to 18 meters long, lives in Arctic waters and can have a lifespan of up to 200 years. It is the longest-living of all mammals. The worldwide population is estimated at about 5000 – 8000 animals. For us, the Arviq embodies foresight, long-term thinking and sustainable action.


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